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Please find list of workshops below!

For Beginners & Amateurs!


Beginner Photography Workshop

If you are interested in learning photography or to boost your knowledge, this workshop is a great place to start. The workshop entails:

Understanding Exposure - Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO

Camera Essentials - Camera types, lens types, camera settings & essential photography kit.


Coastal Landscape Workshop

If you are interested in developing your photography skills, the coastal landscape workshop will help you expand your knowledge. Photographing the expansive coastlines of the Wirral. Workshop session involves:

Depth of Field, Long Exposure, Filters, Composition & how to use your photography kit out and about. 


Photography Walk

On a photography walk we explore the vast trails of the Wirral, while learning photography.

The Wirral offers some of the best views for photography, ranging from town life to beautiful coastal landscapes.

Workshop Pricing.

The rates below are for one person.


  • Beginner Workshop - £70

  • Coastal Landscape Workshop - £90

  • Photography Walk - £85


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